Saturday, June 1, 2013

Amawalk Brown

I fished the Amawalk for a little while yesterday and it was a bit disappointing. I'd hoped for some sulphurs around dusk, but other than a few here and there it was pretty dead. On the way back to my truck I saw a pair of anglers staring glumly at the stream from the bank, their gear still packed. It was getting dark, but on a whim I stopped at the upper section near the reservoir on the way home. I've never been to that part and have meant to check it out for a while now. Totally different story there- the first cast brought a nice little brown to hand right away. By now it was pretty dark so I called it a night and thought about coming back to explore more of this area the next day.

So I did. And I caught the biggest brown I've ever caught from this stream. I had walked by a tiny little plunge pool, about the size of a bathtub, and thought there must be fish in there. It just looked like a deep hole that could hold a lunker. A couple casts later, this guy hit my Caddis nymph dropper and the little pool just exploded. I had my 3 weight and 6x tippet, so I really had to follow him around and play it safe as he zipped up and down. I really didn't want to lose this one. I finally netted him and was surprised at its size. I've heard the Amawalk can hold some big ones, but I've never caught one. And he hit that black bead Caddis nymph I just tied, which made it even better. I pulled a few more fish out of this spot afterwards- they were just stacked up in there, taking advantage of a premium lie.

I fished a ways downstream and stuck around for sunset, waiting for that overdue sulphur hatch. No sign of them. I didn't really mind that much.