Sunday, June 16, 2013

Reservoir Smallies


After what seems like endless rain, the fishing options have been pretty limited for weeks. The streams are totally blown out- I checked out the East Branch while driving by and it's higher and more chaotic than I've ever seen it. But I wanted to fish.  So, Kensico it was. This morning was perfect reservoir fishing weather- barely any wind and a little overcast. I was able to take my time and row along the shoreline, tossing a popper at the occasional rises I saw. And unlike picky trout, the bass would usually hit the fly when it landed near them. The popper also got some refusals from the deeper dwellers- so I rigged up a streamer dropper and that was the ticket. I hadn't tried this before. Using the popper like an indicator made it easy to see strikes, though the water was so clear I saw most of the fish take it under the surface. Apparently smallies can't resist a black woolly bugger. I love the simplicity of bass fishing. I didn't have to change or adjust this rig all day and the action was steady. It's been a real disappointment to have the streams off the table for almost two weeks in prime trout time- but today made me really appreciate Kensico and the bass that thrive there.