Thursday, April 11, 2013

Getting Ready for the Sulphur Hatch

Dry fly fishing is really my first love, there's just nothing quite like seeing a fish take your fly on the surface. Especially when you've spotted an active riser and made just the right cast to get in their lane. And my favorite time to fish dries is almost here- the Sulphur hatch. We had a great one last year and this time I want to be prepared and try using my own flies. I tied a lot of nymphs and streamers over the winter, with varying success, but I haven't had much experience tying dries. I thought I'd start with the Light Cahill, a fly that I had a lot of success with last year. This one is far from perfect, but I think it might get the job done. Apparently there is much debate as to the "proper" way of tying a Light Cahill in the traditional Catskill style . That doesn't concern me much- if these flies catch fish that's all I care about. We'll see.