Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Finally- A Fly Fishing Movie on Netflix!

UPDATE: I finally watched this movie last night and it's a beautiful film to take in. The Yellowstone is a very unique river and this movie is dedicated to preserving its health and meeting the people whose lives are deeply intertwined with it. This isn't the typical kind of fly fishing movie with lots of action and dramatic footage- it's more of a documentary/road trip and its leisurely pace draws from the calm flow of the river. There's a lot of running commentary throughout- there were many times that I would have preferred some dialogue-free time to just take in the scenery. Still, there is some fun fishing to watch in this film (particularly one scene of a battle with a powerful carp) and the river has a mesmerizing presence throughout. It's also quite jarring to see how polluted the lower parts of it have become. This is the ugly side of the Yellowstone that isn't seen by many. Erosion issues are also a constant threat, especially to those whose homes line the river. Thankfully, there are many people dedicated to the cause of cleaning it up and preserving the banks- though the solutions are not always within reach. This film does a nice job of showing how necessary and worthwhile this work is and will hopefully serve as a bit of an eye opener to those who can make a difference.

Seeing this movie reminded me of a trip to Montana several years ago that was a lot of fun and a memorable time spent with family. Of course, I did some fishing and it was as incredible as the scenery. There seemed to be active trout in every stream, even the tiny ones near busy trails. We made the long hike to Grebe Lake and I was amazed to catch this beautiful little rainbow on the first cast. I was also lucky enough to fish the legendary Firehole with a family friend and it was fantastic. I was new to fly fishing at the time, so I don't think I fully appreciated how good it was. And let's just say I missed a lot of strikes. Now that I've had more time on the water under my belt, I'd love to go back and experience it all over again.