Friday, July 4, 2014

Snook in the surf

Another trip to Florida and another attempt at snook on the beach. Between the brutal summer sun and high winds from a passing offshore hurricane, the conditions have been tough and limiting on this trip. By 10am the sun is high and the wind and waves start to kick up, which puts a real damper on the fishing. The water has to be pretty calm to spot snook on the beach, this time of year their backs have lightened considerably and they seem almost translucent against the sand. If the waves cloud the water they become virtually invisible. I got in one early morning on the water when the wind was still low and wanted to make it count. Short version: I finally caught one. This snook was the first one I spotted and I thought I had spooked him- turns out he was actually lunging for my fly from a few feet away. I made sure to strip strike this time and was thrilled when my line tightened. It was a great fight, I let him take a couple good runs until I was able to beach him in the surf for a quick photo. I don't know if I finally did something right or just got lucky- but I'll take it either way.