Sunday, November 17, 2013

Reservoir trout on the fly

One of my longtime goals has been to catch a Kensico trout on a streamer and yesterday it finally happened. It was a perfect windless day to be on the water, so I got out there at dawn and headed for deep water. Kensico is a huge body of water and in order to encounter a cruising trout the best method by far is rowing with sinking line and using sonar to find the fish and the bottom structure. I covered a lot of ground while slowly trolling an articulated rabbit fur streamer, as deep as I could get it. At one point I marked a cluster of fish holding roughly where I thought my streamer was. And then suddenly the rod bowed deeply. After reeling in about 100 feet of line (with 50 feet of fluoro leader) and two long runs at the boat, I had a thrashing laker in the net. Not a huge trout, by reservoir standards, but it was pretty satisfying after putting in a lot of effort trying to catch one on a fly for a while now. The ultimate goal is to connect with one of the monster browns that these reservoirs hold and I think I have a chance now that I've figured out an effective trolling rig. And when the water gets even colder they'll be near the shorelines, within casting reach. That's something I'd love to accomplish and it seems slightly more possible now with the right conditions. And a lot of luck.