Thursday, October 3, 2013

Last Call at the Amawalk

My apologies for the lack of posts in recent weeks. Between a demanding new job and trying to prepare for the birth of our first child there hasn't been much free time for fishing. And honestly, the little fishing I have managed to fit in hasn't been much to write about. For whatever reasons, fall never seems to be the productive fishing time for me that it seems to be for others. I'm still hoping to get in a few good days before winter arrives and parenthood takes over, so don't give up on me just yet.

This past week was closing time for many of our streams, so I felt it was my duty to visit the Amawalk one last time. This stream was a real favorite of mine this year and it produced one of my best browns. So, on a beautiful Sunday I took the morning to hike and fish the lower section that leads to the Muscoot reservoir. The reason they close the Amawalk so early, I'm told, is to protect the spawning trout that enter the stream from the reservoirs.  My goal was to encounter some of these guys pre-spawn, so I wanted to make it as close to the reservoir as I could. I fished all my favorite runs and pools along the way downstream, but they were totally unproductive. I tried a variety of nymph rigs and streamers, but there were no signs of life to be seen or felt. I kept moving, further than I'd ever ventured before, until I reached the water where the current just about stopped before it enters the Muscoot. And that's where the fish were. I could see several large browns darting through the shallow slow water, somewhat aimlessly. They didn't seem to be feeding, just kind of passing through. I crept up as stealthily as I could and carefully put down my dry dropper rig in the lazy current. Amazingly, it didn't spook any fish, but as it crept into their space they bolted when they saw the nymph dropper approaching. Wow. There was no way I'd be catching any of these fish, they were clearly on high alert and not looking for a meal. It was definitely disappointing to have walked that far, found the fish and then been turned down- but it was a beautiful day and I hadn't seen another soul. Sometimes being out there is as important as the fishing to me and I was still grateful I'd taken in one last perfect day at the Amawalk. I did catch some tiny little browns on the long hike back up, but even if I hadn't I still wouldn't have felt any less satisfied. I'm already looking forward to springtime and returning to this idyllic little stream. I might even bring my son.