Sunday, July 7, 2013

Small Stream Gem

I'm constantly amazed by how well trout can hide and conceal their presence. During a vacation weekend near Roundout Creek I was able to sneak in some fishing on a very small stream that someone had generously disclosed the location of to me. There wasn't any path to speak of- just the parking pull off that I was told to look for. After pushing through the brush toward the sound of rushing water, I walked up on two tiny pools that looked absolutely pristine and untouched. I stood and watched the clear, cold water flow through one of them for a little while. It was only a few feet wide and i could see every tiny pebble on the bottom. What I could not see was any sign of trout presence. And if they had been there, they must have seen me coming a mile away. I couldn't resist a few casts, just in case. I was shocked by the splashy attack on the little green caddis dry I floated through the pool. The little brown that smacked it was tiny, but a perfect little wild fish. There were probably more in there hiding somewhere, but now they definitely weren't going to show themselves for another fly. I poked around a bit more and went on my way, feeling satisfied with this discovery. This may have been the smallest stream I've ever fished and catching a trout there was a wonderful surprise.