Monday, May 13, 2013

Cicadas Emerging

It's looking like there is an epic hatch happening any day now…. The legendary cicada. I hadn't seriously considered what this is going to mean for trout fishing until I read this excellent post from Gink and Gasoline, which I highly recommend reading. Maybe this quote will entice you:

"The amount of food that a periodic cicada hatch provides an ecosystem is insane. Some scholars claim that the food value of a periodic cicada hatch is equivalent to an Alaskan salmon run. Have no doubts, the cicada has the power to convince the smartest and biggest fish to drop their guard and come out and feed for several weeks with total recklessness 24 hours a day."

There is also an online tracker, which is showing signs of emerging cicadas in the NY area already. I think I need to buy some new fly patterns for this season. Big ones.