Thursday, May 23, 2013

A Full Day: The Amawalk and West Branch

 I spent a good part of the day at the Amawalk yesterday, it was a nice overcast kind of day to fish and walk the stream. My plan was to work my way down from the bridge to Muscoot at the end of the stream, but by midday it was getting hot and I was barely halfway there so I turned around. I was pretty far off the beaten path by then and had found some nice little spots to float a nymph through. The Amawalk really has a way of making you feel like you're the first person to ever fish there. I got hung up on something at one point and reached down to pull up a large stick with my nymph embedded in the soggy wood. There were green caddis larvae crawling all over it. I recovered my nymph and found two other flies stuck to it as well. They weren't even rusty- so much for being the first person to fish this little run. Nevertheless, I was grateful for the hint and tied on a size 20 caddis nymph which picked up a few small trout on my way back upstream. They were so tiny I thought they were brookies at first, but they were brown trout parr. Beautiful little wild fish. I released them as gently as I could.

After a quick lunch, I headed over to the West Branch for another late afternoon session. The fishing was just as great as it was the day before. I brought the 3 weight I had used at the Amawalk and it made catching these smallish browns even more fun. Nothing larger than 12 inches or so, but I'm not complaining. The dry dropper was the ticket again- a size 16 elk hair caddis and a 20 pheasant tail dropper provided almost constant action. Though there were tons of rising fish, almost all of the takers went for the nymph. I did catch a couple on the dry, but so rarely it was startling when it happened. Evidently, emergers were on the menu. Around dusk there were some sulphurs here and there, but not the big hatch I was waiting for. Won't be long now though.