Monday, April 15, 2013

Wrangling Tippet: The Trash Fish

Tippet always seems to be an issue for me. Whether it's spilling from the spools on my bag or just tangling up somewhere, it seems like I'm constantly messing around with it. I also never know where to store all those trimmed ends that come from a day's fishing. Fluorocarbon is notoriously resilient- it won't degrade on its own for a very long time. So I do my best not to leave any behind on the stream. I came across a brilliant solution, thanks to a recent giveaway from Fiberglass Manifesto that I thought I'd pass along. The Trash Fish Spent Line Wrangler from Smith Creek. It's genius in its simplicity- just wrap your tippet pieces around this little gadget and store the loops on it until you get home. I'm sure it also doubles as a bottle opener with a little ingenuity.